The 10in6 ProductionManager is designed to gather real-time data about your shop-floor efficiency from automation devices, loT devices, manual input and other sources. The information gathered is organized in a flexible, data-driven environment and presented in a clear, contextualized format, allowing you to clearly understand and oversee your manufacturing environment across many variables- shift, product, production order #, employee, lot #, serial #, and more.

The Production Tools of 10in6 are designed to assist you in prioritizing your business’s activities to improve both the quality and efficiency of your production operations.

The Production Tools of 10in6

Improve Uptime & Efficiency (OEE)

10in6 Efficiency

10in6 Andon Calls

10in6 Constraint Manager

10in6 Real Time

Improve Quality

10in6 Track & Trace

10in6 Visual Inspection

10in6 Scheduled Checks

10in6 SPC

Improve Operations

10in6 Issues Tracker

10in6 Schedule Execution

10in6 Analytics

10in6 Operator Console

10% Improvement in 6 Months