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What 10in6 Stands For

10% improvement in 6 months
While some manufacturers are content with 2-3% annual improvements, global economic pressures dictate that that strategy is insufficient to compete. So, what does 10in6 stand for? It’s simple – 10% improvement in 6 months!
Focus your efforts on the most beneficial areas – the ones that have the largest impact on your bottom line or cost / unit of manufacturing. This focus means that with less effort expended you can achieve significant results & quickly.

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What our Clients Say

Within weeks of turning the 10in6 system on we saw an increase in our weekly output by 3%. In addition, our shop floor employees, many who are not very familiar with computers, found the 10in6 interface easy to use and we are receiving very valuable downtime and scrap reasons from them. The 10in6 system has provided us very accurate and believable information that everyone from the shop floor to the boardroom can agree on.- Jason Eberly – Director of Operations – Banjo Corporation (a division of IDEX).
The support from 10in6 has been great. 10in6 has always went beyond what I expect them to do to support my projects and their knowledge of Integration, PLCs and manufacturing processes is far better than any company I have used in the past. I have called them on holidays, late nights, weekends and they have always responded and taken care of my issues in a timely manner.- Dennis Marceau – IT Manager – Toyota Boshoku Mississippi

10% Improvement in 6 Months