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What is traceability data, and how can I collect it?

Traceability data is a set of data properties from a transformational process that can be linked to an object using a serial number or other unique variables specific to that object. This data is then stored in a database and made available through queries for future reference as needed. 10in6 can simplify complex traceability needs for manufacturers with an affordable solution for collecting, storing, and extracting traceability data using their Traceability Module. Learn more in this introduction to track and trace.

Can manufacturing equipment send data to ERP systems automatically?

Integrating manufacturing equipment to collect production data and automatically send this data to an ERP system in real-time can be made possible for most processes using 10in6 software. 10in6 bridges the gap between shop floor automation and manufacturing systems to connect live data and make it available in a format that is easily accessible.

What is the best way to make a shift roster for manufacturing?

One of the ways to make a shift roster is to use 10in6’s attendance module to automatically connect to a punch clock system to report on employees’ attendance. It provides the ability to set up roles for each machine and place employees in each role to give an overview of where everyone is and if there are any shortages.  The graphical tools show in real time where specific roles/processes are un-staffed and real-time decisions can be made about juggling your staff to meet the day’s production goals.

What data is needed in manufacturing?

The most common data collected are product counts, scrap counts, and downtime. Other data, such as process variables (torques, lengths, temperatures, etc.), traceability, SPC, and quality check data, are also commonly captured. 10in6 can be set up to automatically collect all these types of data or any others upon request.

How can I improve the quality of my manufacturing process?

Improve the quality of your process with the efficient and data-driven 10in6 software for paperless quality management. With 10in6, you can gather quality data while tracking completion and pass rates, enabling you to analyze trends and identify areas for improvement.

The user-friendly 10in6 software eliminates manual paperwork and streamlines data collection, ensuring accuracy and reducing errors. You can identify patterns, detect bottlenecks, and optimize your processes by analyzing the gathered data. The software’s ability to track completion and pass rates gives you real-time visibility into your quality control efforts, allowing you to address inefficiencies and maintain high-quality standards proactively. Improve your process quality today with 10in6’s powerful features and data-driven insights.

Learn more in this Introduction to Scheduled Checks.

Can I use Power BI to collect manufacturing data?

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful platform to analyze and display data collected and engineered by a shop floor data collection process. Power BI is not ideal for developing a shop floor data collection system because it lacks real-time connectivity to your shop floor, and data sizes are limited within Power BI. An ideal solution would be to use Power BI along with your dedicated Shop Floor data collection solution, such as 10in6, which collects, engineers, and optimally stores your data for you.

What is IIoT?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) aims to connect information from shop floor employees, machinery, and operations to the Internet, which can be consumed for analysis, visualization, or other operational processes.  Many IIoT devices do an excellent job of communicating the information of operational processes to the Internet. However, the information collected from IIoT tends to be singularly focused and not blended with the information from the surrounding environment. It is recommended that IIoT devices be used within an encompassing data collection process that focuses on collecting and combining data from all your shop floor areas and combining the data to be clean and optimized for consumption. 10in6 excels in giving you the comprehensive data that you need.