Feb 08

WEBINAR: Three Industry 4.0 Projects You Can Start Today

Recorded Webinar: Are you seeing clear results from your Industry 4.0 initiatives? Too many manufacturers have been drawn into technology roadmaps with multi-year rollouts, forgetting the lessons learned from the .COM boom of the late 1990’s.           



At 10in6, we believe implementing any technology needs to start with specific business goals and a clear path to return on investment.

In this 45-minute webinar, the 10in6 team will outline three high-impact, low-cost projects that you can implement today – without major technology investment.

1) Paperless Quality
2) Attendance & Skills Tracking
3) Automated Production Reporting and Analytics

These projects require minimal shop floor connectivity to achieve, while giving you the option to leverage additional technology as you continue to progress along your Industry 4.0 path.

Learn how you could achieve ROI in under 12 months with paperless quality checksautomated production reporting, and a powerful attendance and skills tracking system on the shop floor.

It’s easy to get distracted by the endless ads, articles and webinar invitations touting Integrator and Technology provider’s Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) capabilities.

Join us February 8th and see how you can easily and quickly start on a straight-forward path to Industry 4.0.

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“I no longer spend time checking that staff are doing their quality checks, so I can take the time to look at the results, find out where scrap is occurring and figure out why.”
– Quality Supervisor, Automotive Safety Components Plant

“10in6 is a catalyst for the manufacturing team. Quality, Engineering and Maintenance are all using the same data, working with a more united focus on the issues.”
– Production Manager, Stackpole International

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