Mar 13

Testimonial: Vuteq Canada – Always Driving for Improvement

Vuteq Canada considers itself to be one of the top Tier 1 automotive suppliers. But even Vuteq realizes, they can never stop improving.

Vuteq has been utilizing the 10in6 Solutions for over two years, in various applications in their facility, to help drive key operational improvements.

As an automotive supplier to Toyota, Honda, GM and CAMI, Vuteq is focused on improving overall quality and on-time delivery.

Vuteq Canada shares their testimonial:

“The 10in6 system has been very beneficial to us in becoming a better supplier to our customers. We use the system to track and improve our quality as well as to ensure on-time delivery to our customers. It provides us with accurate and actionable information that our teams use to identify opportunities for improvement and to measure the effectiveness of those improvements. In fact, over the last 2 years, by utilizing the 10in6 solution as a core element of reporting, we have been able to win 2 back-to-back corporate Kaizen awards based on the effectiveness of the improvements. We are very proud of our efforts and the 10in6 solution has proven itself to be a cost effective tool. We love the simplicity and flexibility it offers and the solution has consistently shown that it can adapt to our manufacturing environment” — Ezio Andreola, Vice President, Vuteq Canada Inc.


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