Feb 05

Scheduling Production Orders

Production Tracking – Part 1 Scheduling Production Orders

This three part series of videos show how the 10in6 Production Reporting System effectively tracks production against all equipment based on the product being run.

This first video shows how your facility can track production by hour and shift, and to make your shop floor absolutely efficient you can also track production to a product schedule. The 10in6 Production Reporting System has a straight-forward interface that allows you to easily see production by time and by schedule.

1) See how the 10in6 Production Reporting System tracks production counts.

2) Learn how to change a product on the fly or by a scheduled production run and watch how production tracking changes to reflect the new product.

3) Watch how scheduled product orders can be organized to optimize material or manpower allocations.

Then watch our next videos, Change Production Orders and Product Change Overs. Each video shows a step through the 10in6 Production Reporting System so you can effectively track your production performance by both time and by production order.

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