Feb 05

Changing Products (Change-overs)

Part 3 – Product Change Overs

This three part series of videos show how the 10in6 Production Reporting System effectively tracks production against all equipment based on the product being run.

This last Production Tracking video completes your journey through the Production Order Changes and Tracking portion of the 10in6 Production Reporting System. This video shows how easily product change-overs can be done and tracked through the 10in6 System.

1) Learn how product identifiers can be retrieved from automation of manually entered for a product change over.

2) Watch how to track all the events throughout a product run.

3) Learn how to adjust historical information if a change over was missed and have your target numbers and OEE automatically correct.

Please see the first two videos, Scheduling Production Orders and Change Production Orders. Each video shows a step through the 10in6 Production Reporting System so you can effectively track your production performance by both time and by production order.

While you are here, why not take a look at some other areas of the 10in6 Production Reporting System like our easy to use Downtime Reason Code Entry component?

You might also be interested in our Visual Defect Entry component.

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