Mar 02

WEBINAR: Driving Accountability – 5 Habits of an Efficient Plant

Recorded Webinar: 10in6 Product Management Solutions were designed to provide not only valuable data to help focus your efforts, but also the feedback and communication tools to keep everyone on your production team accountable to their role in improving efficiency. From shop floor staff to supervisors and management – from maintenance, quality and engineering, to Kaizen and operational excellence teams – this webinar will cover easy-to-implement tools and habits that drive accountability and create a sustainable culture of improvement.

In this Webinar, we share easy to implement habits to drive improvement, as well as the tools to drive accountability to these habits. Check out the video below for a replay of our webinar, “Driving Accountability: 5 Habits of an Efficient Plant”!

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Hosted by the 10in6 team of engineers and productivity specialists 

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