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Customer Success – Improving Quality

Learn how a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier improved First Time Through (FTT) and OEE with 10in6 Scheduled Checks Module:

Customer Success
Using 10in6 Scheduled Checks Module to Improve FTT and OEE
Tier 1 Automotive – Water Pumps


Production staff were spending too much time executing the quality control plan for ISO. While their efforts met the ISO requirements, they provided little value to the Production and Quality team to improve First Time Through (FTT).

Before 10in6 Scheduled Checks module, staff were:

  • Running paper-based, time consuming quality checks
  • Plotting manual control charts with 20 to 30 data points per part
  • Losing out on potential value to future production or quality improvements (after the paper reports were filed away.)


The customer implemented the 10in6 Scheduled Checks module to provide paperless tracking of all in-process and start up checks, including electronic work instructions to ensure checks were completed correctly. After 10in6 staff trained them on a small set of checks, the customer completed 75% of the implementation themselves, empowering them with:

  • Electronically triggered check intervals
  • Touch screen entry with in-context work instructions
  • Real time alerts & notifications
  • Historical trending and data analysis
  • Up-to-date specifications and work instructions
  • Plant-wide score card
  • Simplified customer or regulatory audits, including a complete history of every check and result, date and time stamped.


These days, the production team is able to complete quality checks quicker due to the presentation of work instructions, easy entry of data and automated plotting of results. The Quality team can now analyze trends to focus improvement on the right issues, resulting in a higher FTT metric and OEE.

After 10in6 Scheduled Checks module, the production team saw:

  • Reduced time to complete quality checks = more time to produce
  • Improved ROI from decreasing paper waste and increasing storage availability
  • Quality data can now be tracked and used to improve quality, not just compliance to ISO

IMAGE 1: The image below demonstrates how quality results can be entered via touch screen, with in-context work instructions for each step in the check:

IMAGE 2: Automated control charts are plotted for each variable – with alerting enabled for out-of-specification results. (All results are available in the database for analysis and trending by machine, operator, part number, etc.)

IMAGE 3: Analytics Reporting – Quality performance for this 10in6 Customer improves across six months from 72% FTT to 83% FTT.

IMAGE 4: Analytics Reporting – OEE performance for the same 6 months shows improvement from 32% to 54%. The simultaneous improvement in FTT (image above) tells us the line was stopped fewer times for out-of-spec issues, and fewer parts needed to be reworked.


To read more about 10in6 Scheduled Checks, visit the 10in6 Schedule Checks Module web page. To view the complete list of modules offered for improving quality, efficiency and operations, please visit our Solutions page.

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